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Interactive Website Design

Our team consists of the most ingenious graphic designers and geeky engineers to turn your website ideas into online superior customer experiences to rival for.
Website Development company
Why go digital?
In the next five years, 1 out of every 5 members of the Homo sapiens would have shopped online. Are you willing to miss out on this huge market?
Why do you need an Interactive Website?
Brands spend millions of dollars every year to ensure grander customer experiences so as to build loyalty. The first step towards creating a loyal online customer base is to have an interactive website. Your website is not just an online channel for generating leads or sales, but in fact a true measure of your capabilities to serve your customers.

In physical markets, companies recruit the best people in their sales teams to improve the in-store experience of customers. However, in the virtual world your website is your store and your payment gateway is your sales counter. Your prospective customers should be able to digest your message and engage, quickly and easily otherwise you may lose them to a competitor's website having an easy-to-implement features.
Why the future of Web design lies in responsive websites?
We hear: you are one of those who are not into mobile websites. But do hear this: a research by Smart Insights says that one third visits that come to typical websites are from mobile and tablet devices and to make matters worse, another research says that customers who are not satisfied with a website's performance on mobile device are twice as likely to visit the competitor's website. We work on the best technologies to merge optimum SEO techniques with SEM, SMM for creation of strategy and execution plan to address our customer business challenges.

Social Media Marketing

We turn your audience into fans! Social media marketing is a science and we are a bunch of self-proclaimed social media scientists.
ROI is important but so is ROE
There used to be a time when brands were concerned about ROI. The digital age has forced brands to consider another factor: ROE- Return on Experience as success in the new era is governed by customer experiences. So the next time when you try to force your way in a customer's life by any aggressive advertising glare, just remember the fact that it is the customer who is in control and it is entirely up to him, whether he wants to access your content or not. So what is needed to get him to access your content?
Customer decision making process on social media
Second Image of IInd column- Social media marketing strategies
What gives GlocalEdge the edge in Social Media Marketing?
GlocalEdge breathes social media marketing - we not only understand social media marketing in depth, but have also channelled our experience into creating a state-of-the-art social media software. Creating engaging social media campaigns is our forte and we help world's leading brands come up with social media campaigns that are engaging, cost-effective, and extremely successful.

Mobile App Development

We create bold, stunning and transforming mobile experiences for your brand.
1. Is the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you check out in the night?
2. Remains close to you about 90% of the time?,
3. Is almost like your shadow, keeps you connected with your loved ones, and is a potential source of revenue for virtually any kind of business.

Answering this requires no rocket science. Its your mobile phone!

It doesn't matter if you are looking for an android, iOS, or Windows mobile app, the end result of creating a mobile app is to generate revenue and craft magical user experiences. GlocalEdge understands this and our iPhone, android, and windows app development teams follow well-researched and cohesive practices. We will not only develop an app that is within budget, meets specs, and is delivered on time, but will also assist you with the marketing and distribution of the app across the mobile phone markets.

We specialize in developing mobile apps that are fast, smooth, and are easily upgradable.

Mobile app development company
Mobile app development approach
What makes GlocalEdge the best company for Mobile App Development?
Getting a mobile app that meets quality standards, is within budget, and is delivered on time is not and will never be easy without GlocalEdge. Still wondering why companies are hiring us? There must be something that we are doing to help them make a dent in the universe. Get in touch and understand why we are one of the best app development companies in US and India.

Search Engine Marketing

Our team has a very successful and long history of helping brands in being discoverable in the places where their target customers are searching.
Why has there been a sudden euphoria about search engine marketing during the last few years? Are the Television ads not working anymore or have the radio and print advertisements stopped generating leads and sales for brands?

The answer to these questions lies in the following five points.
Search engine marketing is:
Search engine marketing approach
Having established the fact that it is inevitable to ignore the power of search engine marketing, it is imperative to find a partner that has the abilities to tap this low-cost high value marketing channel. We help our customers generate significant revenues and brand awareness from the online channels. GlocalEdge has managed pay per click campaigns for world's largest brands like Microsoft as well as many brick & mortar companies like InLiving.

Why engage GlocalEdge?
We have saved substantial amount of money for our clients by using our proprietary techniques, which help them pay less for their clicks and generate more revenue or brand awareness on various search engines. Time and again, GlocalEdge has been noted as the elite search engine marketing service providers in the US and India.
Professional search engine marketing company

Search Engine Optimization

Here's a scenario; you have a website but are unable to generate traffic. You pick up the phone, call GlocalEdge's SEO consultant and within the next two months, your website traffic triples. Yes, working with us is that simple!
Similar to majority of online consumers who begin their quest for a product or service on a search engine, there is a high chance that you discovered us with the grace of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. And now that you have visited our page, we can assume that search engine optimization or SEO is on your radar.

It is a common practice for Internet users to not click beyond the first few pages of search results, therefore a high rank in SERPs is vital to drive the traffic for a site. SEO eases the accessibility of a site to a search engine and improves the chances of site indexing and favourable ranking by the search engine. Search engine optimisation connects a business with its customers...like nothing else does.

Understanding the algorithm Google uses to calculate search engine ranks is way out of any SEO consultant's league. Matt Cutts from Google search spam team has even gone on air and said that if an agency guarantees that they can get you to the top place of Google search results, then you should immediately back up a few steps and create a safe distance with that agency. We don't make any false promises, but what we will do is:
Professional search engine optimization company
Our SEO process
Search engine optimization approach

Why GlocalEdge is your best SEO strategic partner?
We have managed the SEO campaigns of some of the largest brands in the world and were among the few search engine optimization companies to focus on white hat SEO practices when the world was crazily going after black hat techniques. Our erudite approach has always helped our customers reach the top of Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results and our customer's faith in us has made us one of the top SEO companies all across the world.

Analytical Marketing

Our team comprises of analytics experts who can spot revenue opportunities in the numbers. So don't be surprised if what was looking like a difficult analytical problem turns out to be a new revenue source after our experts analyze your data.
We help clients make better and informed decisions by leveraging their data for greater return across the full customer lifecycle.
Data + Analytics = Strategy

Our data analytics services include:
Analytical Marketing company
Why is GlocalEdge your best choice for Analytical Marketing?
We provide actionable and result-oriented solutions rather than just reports and data. We drill down into your data, and generate practical insights to help you uncover profitable new strategies. As a forerunner, GlocalEdge offers you solutions that enable you to effectively manage your customer lifecycle and at the same time uncover new revenue opportunities.

Graphics and Creative

It doesn't matter if you are looking for digital, motion, or print collaterals ; we specialize in creating a seamless connection between a brand's collateral and its target audience.
Graphic design company
GlocalEdge works with both large corporations and small companies to create ingenious graphics. The day of our graphics team at GlocalEdge may start with working on a Fortune 100 company's creative, such as Oracle's marketing collateral for social media and may end up with creating presentations and web graphics for a brick and mortar company with operations in Redmond. Our services are creative and cost-effective at the same time.

GlocalEdge offers stand-alone creative services such as branding, print, merchandising, retail activation, animation, storyboarding, and presentation creation and is a one stop solution provider for all your graphics and creative needs.

Still sceptical? Here's what Oracle has to say about our work:
Oracle graphics vendor

Ecommerce Consulting

Sceptical about taking your business online? Having developed and managed numerous E-Commerce solutions, GlocalEdge knows the science behind customer purchase decisions. We will develop an unparalleled E-Commerce portal for you, integrate a secure payment gateway, make continual improvements as per customer feedback, and integrate your offline campaigns with online marketing channels. Our E-Commerce services include:
Ecommerce website development
GlocalEdge Software development company India

Offerings that start and end with your business goals!


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