Career in digital marketing

Career in Digital Marketing

If you think that you should join a bunch of believers who are on a mission to change the way social media marketing and web design is done then think again! You are about to set your foot on a different planet. A planet on which you may eat breathe and sleep digital media. Your dad might get angry seeing you glued to social media while your mom might scold you, seeing you code like freaks but we will pay you for it. We are on a journey to inspire the generation!

We are a people-oriented company and believe that people are our key assets. We strongly believe in fostering an environment in where people's potential is nurtured and creativity is encouraged. Glocaledge is committed to making a difference to those who work for us as much as for those whom we work for.

Glocaledge is committed to make a difference for its employees as much as for its clients. To make this difference, we focus heavily on initiating maintaining and continuously improving the quality of our people, relationships, processes and results. Glocaledge is looking for the following positions and interested candidates should send their resume to

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We offer cutting-edge work, global exposure, career growth and competitive compensation.
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"Begin somewhere. You cannot build a reputation on what you intend to do."-Liz Smith


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